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From the makers of Ayo Premium Whitening Soap, now comes another game-changing quality product for the whole family.

Your SAFER Choice.

Jabon Jabon was developed by skin experts to fill the need for an All-Natural Skin Health Soap without the “bad stuff” found in many germicidal soap brands.

A freshly handmade cold process soap, Jabón Jabón contains no Triclosan or TCC – common germicidal actives, now being phased out around the world for health and environmental concerns. It has no fillers and binders, and is totally free of parabens, sulphates, toluenes and other toxic chemicals that do more harm than good. It is also 100% cruelty-free.

Jabon Jabon is Real Soap, made with not just one or two, but Six skin-caring Oils, and sustainable nature-derived ingredients.

It is thoughtfully formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Guava Extract and Grapeseed Oil – a trio of nourishing botanicals with known natural antibacterial properties. Jabón Jabón is also enriched with Sunflower Oil, Citrus Fruit Acids and Vitamin E for softer, brighter and moisturized skin.

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Good. Clean. Fun.

Pure, creamy and gentle on skin, Jabon Jabon is suitable for all ages and all skin types. It also won’t melt easily, and remains foamy, fragrant and effective until the end. Jabon Jabon is available in five color variants, with mild, mood-enhancing fragrances that you and your family will surely enjoy.

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Jabón Jabón's Advocacies

Family Values

Family Values

Reviving time-honored values and traditions that make us uniquely Filipino! Jabon Jabon advocates a renaissance of filial piety, decency, respect and integrity. Together, let’s preserve and celebrate our sterling values for generations to come.

Going Green

Going Green

Opting for a sustainable way of living - reducing, reusing and recycling whenever possible. Jabon Jabon supports changing one’s lifestyle by offering green products that ensure you reduce the imprint you and your family leave on the environment.

Proudly Pinoy

Proudly Pinoy

Taking pride in quality locally-made products. Jabon Jabon is a home-grown brand, freshly handmade by skilled local artisans, using indigenous botanicals, and formulated by Filipino skin experts to meet the specific needs of Filipinos.



Choosing positivism, good humor and laughter in everyday living. Finding joy in simple pleasures, hope and a spirit of gratitude for life’s blessings. Jabon Jabon is a happy brand with five uplifting scents that make each shower a fun, enjoyable experience.

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