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Papaya Whitening Soaps for the Next Generation

If there’s one botanical that Filipinos believe and trust when it comes to skin whitening, it could only be Papaya. Since the very first Papaya Herbal Soap appeared nearly four decades ago, Papaya Soaps have totally dominated the beauty and whitening soap scene.

At latest count, there are at least 50 odd Papaya Soaps in the market - more if you include the Papaya variants of established soap brands from the big multinationals. Recent launches have seen Papaya paired with other botanicals and emerging whitening actives. While not all Papaya Soaps are successful, it appears that the Papaya Phenomenon is showing no signs of stopping. And for good reason!

Papaya works!

Papaya is simply one the best fruits for skin cleansing and care because it contains a rejuvenating enzyme called Papain, responsible for skin whitening, exfoliating dead skin cells, repairing ageing skin, and a host of other skin benefits. Papaya is also a rich source of antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E, and other skin nutrients such as pantothenic acid, folate, magnesium and potassium. Moreover, Papaya has Alpha Hydroxy Acids that promote Collagen production and help reverse signs of aging due to sun damage.

As millions of regular whitening soap users would attest, Papaya delivers on its promise of whiter, even-toned, younger-looking skin.

Of course, not all Papaya Whitening Soaps are alike. The question is, how do you choose the right Papaya Whitening Soap? In a bewildering sea of choices available in supermarkets and drug stores, which Papaya Soap is authentic, effective and most beneficial for your skin?

In my humble opinion, the oldest Papaya brands may not necessarily be the best, as many better soap bases and formulations have come out through the years. The most popular, ‘best-selling’ Papaya brands may also fall short of being the best. They could be successful because of marketing factors that have little to do with product quality and efficacy, such as supermarket aisle-filling fragrances, fancy packaging, towering billboards, lavish promotions like beauty contests, celebrity endorsements and big-buck advertising. And I also have doubts about the true skin whitening and skin caring value of some very expensive brands sold online.

Rather than tell you which ones are the best, let me share with you, instead, what you need to look out for when choosing the right soap for you, your skin and yes, the environment.

First of all, is it ‘Real Soap?’

By all standards, all-natural handmade soap or Cold Process Soap is the only ‘Real Soap.’ Pure, safe and skin-friendly, cold process soaps are made with saponated oils, natural extracts and essential oils. Many mass market Papaya Whitening Bars, however, are machine-made bars with a lot of fillers, synthetic lathering agents and harsh, even toxic chemicals that also find their way into our ecosystem. Legally, they cannot claim to be soaps. They’re detergents. They might just dry your skin and do more harm than good. Choosing a cold process Papaya soap is definitely better for your skin, and good for the planet too.

Safety Check: Read the Label!

Speaking of harsh and toxic chemicals, it shocks me to see that so many brands (even some popular and very expensive ones) still use banned substances, or chemical compounds that have already been called out in studies worldwide to cause cancer and other chronic diseases.

Read your Papaya Soap’s label and watch out for any of these harmful ingredients: Hydroquinone, Triclosan (Yes! Once the world’s favorite germ-fighting ingredient has been banned in most countries), Parabens (or anything with ‘paraben’ in its name like methylparaben, propylparaben), DEA, Cocamide DEA or Coco DEA (a common lathering agent), The Toluenes - BHA & BHT (another commonly used preservative in whitening products, especially BHT!), The Sulfates - SLS and SLES (for luxurious but toxic bubbles), Phthalates, Oxybenzone, Retinol, Siloxanes, among others. I’ll write about just how bad these chemicals are in a future blog. For now, search them on the web, then check your soap labels. If they have any of these substances, then they can’t be good for you!

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